The building is made from plastic.

Plastic bottle architecture is a great idea for environmental protection. The EcoARK building in Taipei (Taiwan) is one of the examples. Built from 1.5 million recycled plastic bottles, the building has the power to withstand earthquakes and fire.

The work is the work of architect Arthur Huang, worth $ 3 million, using solar energy. The project was built with three outstanding features: “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”.

Built for use as an exhibition space during the Taipei International Flora Expo 2010, EcoARK continues to convey the message of sustainability for the last seven years. Taiwan is home to the world’s largest recycling program with 4.5 million PET bottles a year.

To raise awareness about plastic waste, Far Eastern Group, one of the world’s largest PET producers, has teamed up with founder Miniwiz Arthur Huang to design and build environmentally friendly buildings. EcoARK.

The main building materials for EcoARK are polyl tiles, made from over 1 million recycled plastic bottles. Brick joints are jointed like LEGO blocks and require only a small amount of silicon fillings.

After being assembled into flat square blocks, the polyl tiles are covered with a fireproof and waterproof layer. The EcoARK’s curved and transparent façade is made up of steel panels framed by panels. EcoARK is as light as half the normal buildings but has the ability to withstand earthquakes and storms, can withstand winds up to 130km / h.

Thu Giang (according to Inhabitat)

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